Computational Design Specialist to join leading architectural practice

24 June 2019

Location - London
Salary - £40,000 - £44,000 
Job reference - R3913

Computational Design Specialist to support architectural project teams in the use of computational tools and workflows, especially visual programming and complex modelling.

The Computational Specialist will provide technical support and training directly to design team members, and report back providing feedback on design team requirements and experience. 

Core responsibilities of the candidate will include advising and training teams on how to implement computational approaches, looking for opportunities for innovation, and assembling and documenting bespoke workflows for projects.

Additional aspects of the role include working alongside the office BIM and technology staff to deliver coordinated solutions, representing both internally and externally, and contributing to the overall Design Technology agenda, including research and exploration into new technologies and innovations in the industry.

Skills and qualifications

- Excellent verbal and written communicaion skills
- The ability to clearly articulate advanced computational concepts in an easily understandable manner
- A strong attention to detail
- Initiative and proactive working methodology
- Degree in architecture or computational design-based qualification
- 3+ years of proven computational design experience in a professional setting

Required technical skills
- Advanced knowledge and experience of 3D modelling software such as Rhino
- Advanced knowledge and experience of visual programming software such as Grasshopper and Dynamo
- Experience with programming languages such as C#, Python is advantageous
- Experience with Autodesk Revit is advantageous, as well as interoperability between Rhino and Revit.

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