About Us

At our core, we are driven by a passionate commitment to implementing a focused and transparent approach to our business. Whether we are sourcing candidates for entry-level positions or high-level Board Director roles, we are attuned to the complexities of the market and the impact on both job seekers and hiring companies.

We approach each assignment with a tailored perspective, treating every candidate or client interaction as a unique endeavour, all while upholding our core values of honesty and integrity through the delivery of tangible results.

Sketch Recruitment places strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and you can find more information here.

Recruitment Services

Our clients range from single owner businesses on small one-off projects right through the market to large multidisciplinary international organisations. We supply all level of experience and seniority to a range of clients in the property and construction market. 

We are always on hand to assist with project demands and team expansion. We pride ourselves on being quick to respond to urgent briefs and can source from a database of contract staff who are readily available for short term projects.

Supporting your strategic senior hires, we provide an in-depth and highly tailored executive search service to suit your needs. We have a wealth of specialist industry knowledge and the track record to offer you the confidential and professional approach required to meet your business aspirations.


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