09. 10. 2023

Mastering the art Interview questions during your interview

Research the Company and the Role

Before the interview, research the company and the specific role you're applying for. Understand the company's projects, design philosophy, and client base. Tailor your questions to reflect your knowledge of the company and the position you are seeking. Ask about the company's design approach and how your skills align with their vision.

Show your problem-solving skills

As an architect or designer, problem-solving is at the core of your work. Prepare questions that demonstrate your ability to tackle design challenges. Ask about past projects, the design problems they encountered, and how they were resolved. This not only highlights your problem-solving skills but also shows your proactive approach to potential design issues.

Discuss your design process

Use interview questions to showcase your design process. Ask about the company's preferred design methodologies and how you can contribute. Share examples of your work and inquire about how your design approach aligns with the firm's goals. Discuss the creative steps you take from concept to completion.

Inquire about collaborative work

Architecture and design are often collaborative endeavors. Craft questions that demonstrate your willingness to work in a team. Ask about the team structure, how designers collaborate, and how your expertise can complement the team. Highlight your interpersonal skills and how they contribute to successful design projects.

Emphasise technical proficiency

Architects and designers need to be proficient in various design and drafting software. Inquire about the software and tools used by the company. Discuss your technical skills and how they align with the company's requirements. Highlight your ability to adapt to different software and technologies.

Reflect on Portfolio Discussion

During the interview, you will likely discuss your portfolio. Use questions to guide this conversation. Ask about specific projects you've included and the aspects of your work that interest them. This allows you to elaborate on your design philosophy, inspiration, and creative choices.

Showcase your knowledge of trends

Design trends evolve, and staying updated is crucial. Ask about the firm's interest in current design trends and how they incorporate innovation into their projects. Discuss your awareness of the latest trends and how you integrate them into your work.

Address professional development

Demonstrate your commitment to professional growth by asking about opportunities for continuing education and skill enhancement within the company. Inquire about mentoring programs and how the firm supports its employees' development.


Perfecting your interview questions as an architect or designer is a crucial step in securing your dream position. Craft questions that highlight your research, problem-solving skills, design process, collaborative nature, technical proficiency, portfolio insights, knowledge of trends, and commitment to professional growth. By doing so, you'll not only leave a lasting impression but also prove that you're the ideal candidate for the role. Mastering the art of interview questions is your gateway to a successful career in architecture and design