04. 08. 2023

Safeguarding Careers: Our Commitment to Confidentiality in Recruitment

The Data Protection Act is essential in ensuring that agencies respect individuals' privacy, especially when it comes to their CVs. It prohibits agencies from sharing CVs without proper consent and emphasises the importance of fairness, transparency, and compliance with the law.

GDPR also provides guidelines to prevent agencies from sending out CVs without consent. It strengthens data protection and privacy rights, promoting responsible handling of personal data.

By following these rules and obtaining consent, agencies demonstrate their respect for privacy and avoid unauthorised sharing of personal information.

Your CV belongs to you and should be treated with respect and kept confidential. Unfortunately, some agents may misuse your CV for their own gain. They might use it to impress clients or submit it for job opportunities without your permission, solely to outdo other agents and secure their position. This can create complications as your information circulates, and clients may hesitate to consider you due to conflicts between agents.

There are several reasons why this practice is unacceptable:

  • You may not be interested in working for the company the agent is promoting.
  • You may prefer to keep your job search private and not disclose your availability to specific companies.
  • The approach may end up in the wrong hands and potentially jeopardise your current position.
  • The agent may not provide substantial value or services to justify their fee.
  • Ethical recruiters who could genuinely help you are undermined and unable to earn their fair share.
  • This behaviour reinforces negative stereotypes of unethical recruiters, which harms the reputation of the industry. 
  • It is crucial to address these issues and ensure that your CV is handled appropriately. Reputable recruiters should be able to support you in your job search while respecting your privacy and reputation.

If you have any concerns, it is advisable to clearly communicate to the agency (in writing) that you do not want your CV to be shared without your consent.

This approach can help protect your interests in case your details are circulated without permission. If such an incident occurs, it may provide you with grounds to take legal action against the agency and report their misconduct to the Information Commissioner's Office for misusing and breaching regulations.